Monday, September 26, 2005

Adam's Diary Part 2...

Wednesday: I had fun, I ran away last night, but as soon as the sun rose, and while I was riding my horse, suddenly all the animals exploded with a terrifying anger and started to kill each other, and I knew immediately that Eve has eaten the apple, and that death has entered the world, I hardly found my way out….then when I saw her, she was all covered with leaves! And when I asked what da hell is she aiming for and then took those things off her body, she smiled and her face turned red, it was silly….she said that I will experience her feelings very soon, I was so hungry so I ate a bite or two from the apple, soon I covered myself with leaves and told her to do the same again…
A royal order has been declared, we have to work in order to live….

One year later: we named him Kabeel, he’s very similar to us, but the difference in size leads me to think that he’s a new kind of animals, a fish maybe, when I put him in the water he sank down, and she came and got him out, I sill believe he’s a fish, but she will never let me finish my experiments on him, she thinks of him more than she did with other animals before, sometimes she holds the fish in her arms when it starts to complain, and she speaks in a strange harmonic way, and then it stops nagging….

Sunday: she doesn’t work on Sundays, instead, she lies all the time, playing with the fish, and making a silly noise that makes the fish laughs, I’ve never seen a fish that laughs before!! And this is confusing me...Hmmm…

Three months later: the confusion is doubled now; he stopped sleeping on his back and started crawling…

Two months later: he’s continuing to grow up, I’ve never seen a fish that grows up this fast! He’s got a fur on his head now, just like our hair but it’s softer, he cries a lot now, I think he misses his fellows, I wish I can find another animal so that he can feel home!

A month later: I checked his mouth, there’s no danger so far, he’s got only one tooth, and he doesn’t have a tail yet, once there’re more teeth in his mouth, it’s gonna be the right time to knock him out, whether he has a tail or not, he doesn’t need a tail to be dangerous enough!!!!
Four months later: I was hunting in the woods, meanwhile, he learnt to walk alone, he also can say ‘poopa & mooma’, he’s from a new species for sure, and this ‘talk talent’ must be by accident.

Three months later: I was away for hunting, and guess what! I came back to find out that she brought another one, maybe I would have searched the forest for years before I could find this thing…

The very next day: I’ve been comparing the older one to the newer, it’s obvious that they’re the same kind, the older one is more kind, he can laugh and talk as the parrot, I’ll be surprised if I discovered that he’s a new kind of parrots, though I shouldn’t be! Cus so far he’s been everything I can think of, a fish… a bear…, we named the newer one Habeel.

Ten years later: they’re boys; we knew this many years ago, but the small size they came in! Man that was confusing, we weren’t used to such small human beings! Habeel is a good boy, but Kabeel…. Oh I wish he never grew up…
After all this years, I was wrong about Eve, living outside heavens doors with her is much better than living in heaven without her, I used to hate her voice, but now I can’t imagine life without it, god bless the apple that made us closer, and taught me to respect her sweet heart and great soul!!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Adam's Diary part1

i think this book "Adam and Eve's diary and other stories" by Mark Twain is just so funny...away from the same boring holy books' thing...hope u like it..

Monday: this new creature with its long hair is always after me…and I don’t like this because I’m not used to hang out with a company, I want this thing to stay with other animals. It’s windy, and I think we’re gonna witness some rain today… ‘WE’!!!! Where did I get this word from?? Oh I remember now…the new creature uses it.

Wednesday: I built a shelter for me, but couldn’t keep it for myself, the new creature interfered, when I tried to keep it outside, water started to come out the couple of holes it sees with, and it wiped the water with its hands, making a noise just like when some sort of animals make when they’re annoyed. I hope this thing will stop talking soon…it never stops!!!

Saturday: this new creature eats a lot of fruit, we’re certainly gonna be in lack of food soon, WE…again. This thing’s word!! And my word now… cuz I’ve heard it a lot so far!!

Sunday: barley ended… today I saw it trying to get the apples from the banned tree…

Monday: the new creature says its name is Eve, this is ok with me, he says I should call him when I need him, and I told him that was too much for me... He says that he’s not a HE but a SHE, and I don’t really care much about this...all I know is that I want this thing to stay away from me!

Saturday: I ran away last Tuesday, I built a shelter for me somewhere very far, but she found me with the help of a monster she’d like to call a “WOLF”, and she came with the same pathetic noise pouring water from the holes, I had to go back with her, but as soon as I get the chance to run away I will vanish, she keeps thinking about silly things, for example she’s asking why the animals – she calls them tigers and lions- have to eat grass while they have teeth in their mouths, what makes them able to eat each other as she says!!
This is ridiculous!! I mean if they ate each other, then they would have killed each other, and this - as I see- brings what is called DEATH….

Sunday: she fell in the lake last night, while she was looking at her picture in the water!! She always does so…, she didn’t feel well, and that’s why she said she feels sorry for the animals – she calls them FISH – who live there, she’s stupid anyway, she brought some of them and put them on my bed to warm them!! But I’ve noticed that they didn’t seem happier than before maybe more content, I’ll throw them away... I will not sleep with them again in the same bed, because they’re slippery...

Tuesday: she’s into a snake, other animals are happy now, because she was always testing them, I’m happy myself! Cuz this snake can talk…that will give me a break at last!

Friday: she says that the snake told her to try some apples, and that the result will be a great deal of knowledge, I told her that the consequence will be something else, it will only bring DEATH to world, and I think I should have kept my mouth shut, cuz she finally found an answer to the animals’ teeth issue, and that they will be happy if she ate those apples, I told her to stay away from that tree, but she didn’t want to listen, I think we’re gonna have a problem… I’ll just run away…

coming up...what's left of adam's diary and...Eve's diary....
yallah holy crap!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Can I Call This A 'POEM'??!!

don't know how i wrote this, but i know that i JUST LOVE IT!!!

While the wall's height increased,
And when the future cannot be conceived,
When every one is indiscreet,
When you don’t know; do you deceive??
Or you just pray for god so that they conceal??
We used to ask for the truth to be revealed,
But what a big defeat!!
While watching zombies conceit...
In a world where we’re the sheep…
And the shepherds mislead,
I wish someday I’ll be released,
Or you know? From my prison will I mind to sneak!!
And then go somewhere overseas…
I may end up a pioneer,
But in that mysterious sphere,
I guess my storm will proceed,
At least rocks may hear my scream,
And I wish they’re not like they seem,
Behind them I’ll take a seat,
And I wish to them I can speak,
Will they have the answers for my fears??
Deep inside, there’s something I wanna hear;
Let there be peace!
That’s when I can go to sleep,
And for the first time; I won’t be afraid to sneeze,
And my brain cells won’t be squeezed,
Instead, wounds will be healed,
But I’ll have to hide somewhere near,
Because I think; to my sphere they will speed,
With their bad habit and eager to steal,
And watch me while I bleed,
On the rocks they will read;
‘Have a seat please!!
In this place your just queers’
Did you think you can stop the wheel??
Then you must be really weird,
To break our dreams you seek,
But in this world you’re just freaks,
Make a wish before this world you leave,
‘Don’t you think you’re being mean??’
I may be one indeed,
But at least, I didn’t claim to be a dean;
And then looked the girls in leer!
Surround them rocks, don’t be meek!
And when they’re in, never unleash…
Until they no more breathe,
While watching their blood leak,
With you blogmates dear,
I’ll have the toast of succeed,
Oops I spilt my beer…
That’s when I woke up wondering; did I wet my sheet??
Or they’re just my tears??
So was it all a dream??
If so…oh how sweet!
When I hear the noise from the street,
I know that I’m back for real,
And the questions I keep,
Will these dead rules repeal….
Will I ever forgive, the greatest Adam & Eve?!
I think I’ll go back to sleep!!!
Wake me when the 2nd of December is here,
I wanna celebrate my birthday the nineteenth…

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Friday, September 16, 2005

A sign from a bursting Bush

the guardian unlimited :He may be considered the most powerful human being on earth, but it is comforting to see that the US president is just a man, after all: during Wednesday's UN summit, George Bush suddenly found himself needing to answer a call of nature, writes Rosalind Ryan.
So how does a US president ask for permission to leave the room when the eyes of the world are upon him? Did he put his hand up and ask: "Please, sir, can I go to the toilet?" - to which the answer from the secretary-general, Kofi Annan, should have been: "George, it's not 'can'; it's 'may' I go to the toilet."
Did he decide to sit it out until the bell rang? No, he scribbled a note in class to his secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, asking for her advice. "I think I MAY NEED A BATHROOM break? Is this possible?" he wrote. But it's still not known whether Mr Bush got his wish, as the White House has refused to comment on the issue.


Another head hangs lowlyChild is slowly takenAnd the violence caused such silenceWho are we mistaken But you see it's not me,
it's not my familyIn your head,
in yourhead they are fighting
With their tanks and their bombs
And their bombs and their guns
In your head in your head,
in your head they are cryin'
In your head Zombie
What's in your head,
in your head Zombie
Another mother's breakin'
heart is taking over
when the violence causes silence
We must be mistaken
It's the same old theme since 1916
In your head,
in your head they're still fightin'
With their tanks and their bombs
And their bombs and their guns
In your head
In your head they are dyin'
In your head,
in your head Zombie
What's in your head,
in your headZombie (by The Cranberries)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Me in damascus

Day 1: arriving, the rock concert “ZODIAC”, the Syrian bloggers, happiness….
Day 2: Carlton hotel, wedding party, sucks ….
Day 3: 3 hours of heaven, with the only one I DO care about….beautiful day…
Day 4: Beit Gabri’s restaurant, oriental night….water pipe…. The old city at night….another beautiful day...
Day 5: aimless with my best friend Ali in the oldest city asking everybody about directions...the Happy Land craziness… doing sth I’ll never do again which is playing the scissor game … god!!! Man is stupid…. Bad day in general
Day 6: back home, alone again, crying silently all the way back, missing everything (even me), wondering, crying some more… bad, awful, bleeding …..ewwwwwwwwwwww