Wednesday, August 31, 2005

i've been tagged too!!!!

10 years ago: I had this asthma problem, spending most of the time in hospitals, being a daddy’s gurl, always having my hair cut very short….having my first diary, I still have it..can u believe that at the age of 8 my favorite artist was Celine Dion!! Guess I was very quiet and shy, being the football team captain (born leader!!)…

5 years ago: I was 13…guess I was at 8th grade, kinda hard working student…
And yes…. I remember that day now…..when somebody came over to school and gave us some papers asking – obligating- us to sign them, most of us did…. And I guess none of us even read it…. We were told to do some thing and as cute polite lovely children we did…. No matter what was written in those papers, we SIGNED ….stupid me signed (I didn’t even know what PARTY means - guess I had birthday parties only-), 13 years old children, persuaded to sign some papers…and now it’s the party of TWO Million members!!!!!

1 year ago: BAKALORIA, shocked, a lot of thoughts about religion, politics and a lot of music played all the time, gaining weight, having my first piece of art on my wall….yeh it’s painted by one of my friends and he’s very good, losing friends….making new ones, listening to a lot of spiritual music (Greek music, sound of civilization, samir kwaifaty and many others), drinking a lot of mateh (studying atmosphere) - that leads to a lot of toilet visits-

Tomorrow: I try not to think much about it, I’m -up to the minute- girl …but since tomorrow is Thursday I guess I should say sth about this…because Thursday has been my favorite day for years, it’s the day when my friends and I used to hang out, somehow it became a rule, every Thursday is ours, literary; no parents, no study, no one else but us, I LOVE THRUSDAYS!!

5 snacks I enjoy: cheeseburger, Russian salad, my very special - classified- fruit salad, chocolates, fatoosh.

5 bands & artists I like: The Cranberries, Placebo, Pink Floyd, Ziad Al-rahbany, and Creed.

5 Things I'd do with $100.000.000: spend some on my anti-dentists campaign, take one of these spaceships tour, spend some on books…a lot on musical concerts, and who knows …build my own techno land …

5 places I would run away to: my parents’ village house, Siberia, Paris, Greece, and Malaysia.

5 bad habits I have: messy messy messy, not sleeping in my own bed no matter what…. Cuz I’m awake most of the time, moody enough to behave nasty with whoever when I’m in a bad mood, rushy sometimes, spending most of my time sitting to my P.C, and addicted to water pipe& solitaire card game …boohoo

5 things I like doing: playing my guitar, listening to music, reading, blogging, looking at the sky…
5 things I will never wear: I will never wear NOTHING and go out….. I will refuse wearing our high school uniform again….

5 T.V shows I like: Survivor, 20\20, 60 minutes, Becker, TOM&JERY for sure..

5 people I’d like to meet: Bell Clinton, Liz Marie Prissily, Paulo Koelho, Chris Martine, and Michel Moore.

5 movies I like: The Mona Lisa Smile, Eyes Wide Shut, Till Human Voices Awake Us, American Beauty, Devil’s advocate.

5 biggest joys at the moment: a painful week had just finished , losing weight, playing my first meaningful guitar piece, finally read the Da Vinci Code, Summer is over= hot +moist are over …

Dentists hurt too!!!

I’m gonna start it like this *I HATE DENTISTS* , I really do, it was a painful week…. Well u know this thing about seeing stars in the afternoon? I saw them, back to last Monday:
-going to the f***ing dentist with my bestfriend, ready to be injected with the TALLEST syringe I’ve ever seen…. Sitting in the so called dentist’s chair but in fact it’s an electric chair!!!
- So my mouth turned into its biggest size ever….. and yehhhhh here he goes… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz with his weird machine…digging my teeth and telling me (YELLING AT ME) to open my mouth so that he can take out his hand…. I captured it in my mouth and never let go…hehehe…u deserve it ur freaky diggy …
- If those ancients used to need 32 teeth to eat meat…WhY Da HeLl Do We NeEd AlL Of Em while living in the 21st century??!!! what’s wrong with corn flakes and milk ?! ….. do we need those 4 extra teeth…we call em in Arabic “brain teeth” I dunno if it’s the same in English….n I can’t get it why they call em so?? Brain??!!!! They mean brainless from this minute on… and most of the time there’s no spare place for them so they rudely push other teeth and cause a lot of damage….and finally u have to take em off!!!!!! What a Weird progress!!!
- now he’s trying to take off my brain tooth ( and what is left of my brain)…but nah… mission invalid …. It refuses to get out…it’s planted 10 miles deep inside… and there gonna be a battle in my mouth before it declares the surrender ….Hooop it’s out and so are my tears….my face is completely wet , my mouth is somewhere else…and that big tall BRAIN TOOTH is out but….where is it?? It’s lost in his crowded clinic, well it’s a fighter ....
- “now u can go home….don’t eat anything but ice-cream 2day..* yehhhhhhhhhh* me thinking , the pain will stop in a couple of days…*stupid me believed him*”
- my best friend alloush’s smiling ….being a good home guide and answering my daddy when he called, u won’t believe it how mean they are those guys….
Alloush: well yeh he took it off…
Alloush: ahmmm…. Of course she can’t talk, he kinda shut her mouth…
Alloush: see how lucky …couple of weeks of not hearing her voice ….that means heaven in your home for couple of weeks …
Alloush: ok I’ll take care of her….
-*u think this little thing will stop me from talking….ur dreaming…n I’m goona show u real heaven ..* me thinking again….and smiling to Alloush….
- I thought it was over….but heh…it was only the beginning ….. the next couple of days were like hell.. taking a medicine that I’ll never forget its taste, taking another three syringes ….couldn’t sit well….couldn’t eat even that ice-cream ….waking up with my right cheek swollen and looking like a balloon …. Thpeaking *speaking* like this…. I mith *miss* ya honey, I’m alil bit thick* sick*…..and tho *so* on…
- now after a week it still hurts but not that much….. n I have to take off the silks from my mouth but I don’t have the courage to go there again…..
- not being able to blog was my real pain….
- I’m gonna start an anti-dentists campaign….if u wanna join send me an e-mail….
“StOp tHoSe TeRrOrIsTs –DeNtIsTs- FoR tHe SaKe Of HuMaNiTy”

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Wanted dead or alive Conspiracy Theory

We’re in debt because of Conspiracy Theory (C.T)
Our football team couldn’t win against Brazil because of C.T
Students fail their subjects in our universities because of…..oh yeh C.T
Rafeek Haririe , Samir Kaseer and George Hawi were killed by C.T
We’re still livin within the emergency law because of C.T
We can’t move forward an inch because of C.T
Streets are dirty because of C.T
Ppl can’t find jobs cuz of C.T

No matter what your problem is, …don’t hesitate ..u know who’s to blame…
our dearest Conspiracy Theory….
Everytime ppl talk about it I just can’t help myself laughing, it seems that we’re really under this C.T’s charm, because we’re so weak that we can’t stand in front of the mirror and tell ourselves that …”ok I’ve made a mistake , it’s my fault , I’ll try to fix it cuz I broke it”
No, none of us tried to blame him\her self for doing something bad, we always find a way to runaway from our image in this mirror of facts….and they published this C.T myth , and our society was the good mommy…. Will baby bury the mommy????

Saturday, August 06, 2005


Oh yeh….I hope everything goes fine there… till this minute the president has been kicked away and the military forces is handling everything so well(as it seems), but I have to say that takin the advantage of King Fahd death and banning the president from touching the Mauritanian’s soil is brilliant …… go on guys we’re all learnin something here… I think that lots of the Arab leaders will consider leaving their royal palaces from this minute….
And I really hope that those new ppl can make it to Mauritanian people
I FEEL GOOD!!!!!!!(but alil bit content )

Monday, August 01, 2005

Sleepless in Lattakia

just couldn't get a sleep in three days now...... another morning has come...gotta tell ya that only sitting in a glass room n watching your day begins makes u forget that ur sleepy ..and that ur face is yellow with a couple of black circles.....the best virsion of me ever...
yallah gotta run now

Paulo Coelho's Maktub part 2:

4-The master met one night with his disciples, and asked them to build a campfire so they could sit and talk. "The spiritual path is like a fire that burns before us," he said. "A man who wants to light the fire has to bear with the disagreeable smoke that makes it difficult for him to breathe, and brings tears to his eyes. That is how his faith is rediscovered. However, once the fire is rekindled, the smoke disappears, and the flames illuminate everything around him -- providing heat and tranquility." "But what if someone else lights the fire for him?" asked one of the disciples. "And if someone helps us to avoid the smoke?" "If someone does that, he is a false master. A master capable of taking the fire to wherever he desires, or of extinguishing it whenever he wants to do so. And, since he has taught no one how to light the fire, he is likely to leave everyone in the darkness."

5-The master says: "Close your eyes. Or even with your eyes open, imagine the following scene: a flock of birds on the wing. Now, tell me how many birds you saw: Five? Eleven? Sixteen?" Whatever the response -- and it is difficult for someone to say how many birds were seen -- one thing becomes quite clear in this small experiment. You can imagine a flock of birds, but the number of birds in the flock is beyond your control. Yet the scene was clear, well-defined, exact. There must be an answer to the question. Who was it that determined how many birds should appear in the imagined scene? Not you!

6-The master says: "My dear fellow, I have to tell you something that you perhaps don't know. I have been thinking about how to make this news less difficult to hear -- how to paint it in brighter colors, add to it promises of Paradise, visions of the Absolute, provide esoteric explanations -- but they do not apply. "Take a deep breath, and prepare yourself. I have to be blunt, and I assure you, I am absolutely certain of what I'm telling you. It is an infallible prediction, without any doubt whatsoever. "It's the following: you are going to die”. "It may be tomorrow or fifty years from now, but -- sooner or later --you are going to die. Even if you would rather not. Even if you have other plans. "Think carefully about what you are going to do today. And tomorrow. And with the rest of your life."

c'est la vie......chill out

finally something to be famous of!!!!

I passed by a relative few weeks ago, while walking down the streets of this dead city , well he couldn’t recognize me …n I wasn’t very surprised or disappointed….but I felt sorry for him… he was talking to himself and pointing to –almost- everyone down there…
The poor man was a communist -and still – so he went to jail in the 80’s n never got his FREEDOM -or to say…his MOVING…from the small official jail into the bigger faked one.- back until the year 2000, he was full of hope back in time….and now he’s a …sorry but a lunatic…. I guess he should be one!!!!….after all he was in a Syrian prison n I guess most of u know what that suppose to mean, few days ago I watched the "60 Minutes" show on MBC4, and they were talking about a Syrian immigrant who’s considered a Canadian citizen now, his name is Maher Irar , so he was captured at an American airport and he was charged of being a member of Al-Qaeda …. , anyway despite the lake of evidences , he was sent to…SYRIA…. To be tortured …..cuz “ Syria is famous of its terrifying jail laws and all the Syrian jails are just -A 5 star hotel- and documentaries prove it “ as one of Maher Irar’s lawyers said…… so now we’re famous of something guys…and the whole world knows about it….thanks to MBC4,60 Minutes and Syrian officers at the first place…without ya guys we would have been nerds….so we’re useful somehow…The American fellows can benefit of us , and stupid me I thought we were useless….keep up surprising us Syria …
I think I lost track…I was talking about my relative, after all the problems he had to face, he’s an active net-writer, I’ve heard that he’s writing a book …. Well I wonder if they set him free because they couldn’t afford the medicines’ bills..
Well I guess it’s enough …there’s 1396 political prisoners in the Syrian jails – according to the ( Arab Human Rights Organization…the 2004 report) – and they’re providing them with more and more ppl everyday….