Thursday, June 30, 2005

starting it.....

NOISE…it’s the only thing I can think of ,as a reason for deciding finally to make this blog (and a friend’s experience )
Because we can’t keep on arresting our thoughts anymore, it just makes you feel crazy sitting and watching all the destruction around you without doing anything.
Is it our destiny ?? If so , well I’ve found a way to break it , by standing on the top of a mountain , which is getting higher every day, and actually I don’t like this anymore, it’s a mountain of dust…..soul dust , everyday …or every minute we are being killed, stabbed or destroyed , and every time we get up and walk above our dust …. I think that being on the top of this mountain gave me the chance to see things in a different way , “we don’t claim to be perfect but we’re free” , I believe in the “NOTHING” idea, I figured out that it may be the most peaceful thought in this crowded world , I refuse to be tricked , I want to live my life not for living itself but to prove that I deserve the honor of humanity cuz I don’t believe that life is a game or a journey , like some people want to believe just to explain their fail in life, and start to picture the “other life” in an amazing- illogical way, why to live –anyway- if this is the way things go on?? No it doesn’t make sense to me at least , I have lots of things to achieve in my life , I may not reach all of what I want but at least I would have tried.
Do I live in my own fictional world ?? I don’t think so, I haven’t crossed all the lines yet “I’m working on that” .
Am I dreaming?? I think so, but it’s the only untouchable right left for us, and I ’ll fight to keep it safe.
In our society, there is no chance for creativity , everyone works for him\her benefit only, so we’re killing each other somehow , since I don’t want to be a criminal , I’ll build a “wall” that avoid us from being a part of this murder “not like Pink Floyd’s wall”, that’s why I really like what the genius “Ziad Al-Rahbani” once said: “in this country I don’t wanna change anything, I’m just trying not to give this country the chance to change me, and if this worked …I won’t ask for anything else”.
The winds of changing blew a long time ago , and we missed that. So we have to look forward and stop crying on what we’ve missed, ONE last thing, there’s so much beauty in this world that I don’t want to miss.