Friday, June 24, 2011

Blogging Day for Syria

Painted by Suzanne Alaywan

I've decided to regress into my shell since 10-4-2011.....
I've not been able to exchange words with the closest people to best friends and family...with the least of exceptions...
I'm 24 and a half....and I've never been out of this place in my entire life...
my feet didn't experience the touch of another nose didn't experience the smell of another eyes...have been shut ever since I was born....
I've experienced one thing ...... Syria...
My memory....and my being...
all I wanted was to leave....was to throw myself into the arms of the first shelter I find on the way....but I failed....for a reason...
I'm not a happy person ...I know it....I'm a pessimist.
to understand the illusion of the only fact you've known for the hardest thing one can go through.
In my Syria....Syrians don't kill each other....
In my Syria....every Syrian truly exist...not just under categories.
In my Syria....every mind is respected...not poisoned.
In my Syria...every Syrian's dream is to take part in the process of reforming Syria....not to leave it for good.
In my Syria...your freedom doesn't ruin mine....
and I can go on forever ...drawing the shape of my Syria is an illusion.

I was told that I'm a romantic when it comes to politics...thus....I hate everything related to politics...but I'm an addict to every related post written...

I was told that I'm an idealist when it comes to judging human beings....I am a humanitarian....and I will keep on believing in the essence of that creature....

I love you Syria :

يا سورية الجميلة السعيدة

كمدفأة في كانون

يا سورية التعيسة

كعظمة بين أسنان كلب

يا سورية القاسية

كمشرط في يد جرَّاح

نحن أبناؤك الطيِّبون

الذين أكلنا خبزك و زيتونك و سياطك

أبدًا سنقودك إلى الينابيع

أبدًا سنجفِّف دمك بأصابعنا الخضراء

و دموعك بشفاهنا اليابسة

أبدًا سنشقّ أمامك الدروب

و لن نتركك تضيعين يا سورية

كأغنية في صحراء

رياض الصالح الحسين

R.I.P Martyrs.

Dimah Ahmad

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