Thursday, April 02, 2009

Dream's Keeper

When a man/woman, forms -what you believe is- a real human being,
when you believe in the quintessence of humanity through such human being…
when your whole world has been turned upside down,
and when you can’t find words to thank this human being…
When you’re just stepping to the fringe, and your giving up, breaking down,
and not being able to descry that the feather,
is actually giving light another meaning,
that the teddy bear you hold at night, is the world’s as well...
then this person comes and teaches you how to look inside you and see the universe...
you find yourself....chasing letters....but failing to build a word!!!
Many people would call her the“ artist, painter, poetess, dreamer, little girl, ….”
And many other so simple, sometimes not so simple though, names…trying to give her…a name,
well, she’s Suzanne!
She’s the human being.
She’s all humanity too.
Sometimes floating to you with shades of a tired sea,
and sometimes crashing you with the black anarchy of us,
her fellow humans or should be, and of this planet.
Her words are actually one long haiku poem,
“warning: you could die of over “reality/dream” dose when reading her”…
She’s simply crossing the bridge to other human beings,
how brave it is, to step towards what could be you, or what could just… hurt you!?
She’s destroying this world, and building another,
She’s gathering this scattered world…in a painting, at the same time.
And because it is absurd, to say “I know”, she’s not going to give you an answer…
she’s going to take your hand, walk with you,
sometimes she’s going to point to an untilled land,
sometimes she’s going to… just sigh…and speak everything you have had in mind in a space!
By sighing, pollens will find their way to that land…and bring life on.
many are the ornaments; you’ll be smitten by when roaming her world…
You’ll remember those days, when life was the rill hitting your small muddy feet,
and dreams were twigs into the sky, so high that you fell into the rill...
you’ll think of “how did this spirit foresee the scene with such easiness”…
and she’ll answer with a smile, and a butterfly “or a squirrel! “
She’s love dictionary, she’s the tranquility of faith, and she’d give you both.
She’s the best friend everybody wishes for, and she’s one of a kind…
And whenever you’re around anything belongs to her…you can feel snippets of heaven….
And she’s a whole world of human beings…

my dearest friend Suzanne, for all the times I got wordless …”just like now”
for all the times I got overwhelmed with gratitude ….
I want to say thank you…
Love beyond inf.


سوزان عليوان said...

What can i write?

I love you Deema...



damDooM said...

: )
it's nothing...really...(^_^)
and nothing i might do, or write...or even say, can be enough..
it's me ,the one with the ZILLIONS and endless -yet not enough- thank you's :D:D

dearest, Love beyond beyond ;)