Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Squaring the circle

There will always be
A new kind of pain

A door that looks just like
any other.

A key that is supposed to
open another.

To knock is simple
To be handed the key……
…and the maze.

The choice…is to open
or to throw.

"A word is dead
When it is said
Some would say.
But only then

It starts to live."

No one’s safe
and the choice must
be made.

Like a tree…
not sure when
it is time to get cut
but sure it will.

The image of the Other side
is just an illusion
till crossing the bridge.

It is certainly… tempting
but the try…!

What is worthy more?!
An illusion becomes not?!
the idea of certainty?!

The womb…
the baby shall break
or else it is dead.

to Suzanne Alaywan


تمام تلاوي said...

I don’t like Suzanne's poetry that I read in Arabic, but it seems that it is better to read her poems translated to English, thank you.
Nice blog

I live in latakia too

damdom said...

hmmmmmm, well, fisrt welcome to my blog :D....thank u for ur time, and for the comment.....but i guess there's a misunderstanding :( ....the post is something i wrote, and it is dedicated to my sweet beautiful friend Suzanne....:D
but it's one i guess.....cuz her spirit , life, poetry ...paintings...inspired me to write this post, which apperantly u liked a bit, so thank u Suzanne.
and tmmam....i know u live in lattakia, i read u too....and i was at "Prose Poem" last thursday....thank u for that nice night....